Monday, April 14, 2008

an alien!

So baby Tice is getting much much stronger...I feel him very often throughout the day, and he's especially active in the evening - or when I'm trying to sleep at night. We're pretty sure he's practicing his wrestling moves already.
Last night I was laying in bed reading, and he was in full force - so much so that I looked down at my tummy and saw it bulge out every few seconds! I called Ian in, and we just laughed while baby did flips inside me. The bulge would start on one side of my tummy and move over to the other side. Hilarous. And so cool. I can't believe I have four months to go....usually, it seems like the last 6 months have gone so fast, but then I wonder how much BIGGER I'm going to get, and how much STRONGER is baby going to get? He might be kicking through my stomach soon! I forgot to take my 24-week pictures last night, but I'll get them taken soon.

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