Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 weeks (plus a few days...)

Hmm, with two kiddos it's even harder to keep up with the blog! Who woulda thought?!
Jessica, our midwife's apprentice, came out to see us on Monday. Finn is up to 10 pounds, 6 ounces! He and mama are both doing great!
Oliver continues to love on his little bro all the time - giving kisses and hugs, covering him up with blankets, giving him his pacifier (and trying to steal it sometimes, too!). Oli is struggling during the day when Ian is at work or sleeping, as he doesn't have the one-on-one attention he is so used to. But we are sure we will all adjust soon!
Finn is such an easy baby - or it just seems that way since we've been through all the newborn stuff before. He's sleeping great (no, not 'through the night'), eating like a piggy, and really starting to take an interest in the people around him (and the ceiling fan). Mammo (my mom) insists he smiled at her the other day.
Our friend Tera stopped by the other day and took some great photos of the boys - here are a few!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One Week!

Jessica, our midwife's apprentice, came out to check on us on Monday (one week + one day). Finn is up to 9 lbs, 13 oz! Both he and I are doing great!
Getting ready to go for a short walk to the park last week, in our new ring sling:
And napping in our new wrap - sooo comfortable! (For me and him!):

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Pat's Day & 3 Day Stats

The boys wore their green this morning - of course both their outfits were messy by afternoon!
Finn's fit him just perfectly.
Our midwife, Cosette, came to the house Monday morning to check on Finn and me. Finn had only lost 3 ounces, and was at 8lbs 15oz. Kari, our nurse, came out today for the three-day checkup. Finn is up to 9 lbs, 8 oz! So he gained 9 ounces in two days, and is 6 ounces above his birthweight! He is definitely a great nurser and is soooo chunky! I have a bunch of new diapers that he won't be able to wear because they are too small!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finn's Birth Day

I thought I'd post a birth story on here - I'm working on the long, fully-detailed story that'll be posted on my other blog.
Finn was due on March 1st, but we knew he wouldn't make his appearance until later, seeing as how I was induced with Oliver two weeks after his due date. On Thursday, March 11th my midwife made us an appointment at Methodist for a biophysical on the 15th (this is a very detailed ultrasound, measuring the amniotic fluid, placenta, and baby to make sure everything is still healthy). If the results came back good, we'd continue with this testing twice a week until Finn was born; if there was a red flag, we'd be induced at the hospital. Cosette (my midwife) said that this was her induction method - every time she scheduled a biophysical, the mama went into labor shortly before the appointment.
She was right! I started feeling short, regular contractions Saturday March 13th. I started timing them at 5:30pm, and continued with my evening. I put Oliver to bed and started on the "to-do" list to get ready for our homebirth!
I called Kambra, who is my best friend, massage therapist, and doula (a doula is a certified labor support person; I am actually going to be a doula soon hopefully!). She came over around 1am. I labored throughout the house all night. Ian was by my side the entire time, holding me up during hard contractions and giving me the emotional support I really needed.
We called our photographer and the midwife around 7am and they came out immediately. I got into the birth tub to labor shortly after that. I was in and out of the tub a couple times, as I really needed to keep moving around to help baby move downwards.
Oliver had slept all night so far, but he woke up arond 7:30am. My mom came over right away to take him to her house.
I started pushing a little before 10am. I pushed while on the toilet, standing in the hallway, and then I made my way to the birth tub. I got in the tub, squatted, and continued to push. His head was born and I had a rush of relaxation. I didn't know his head was born, but I knew I didn't feel like pushing anymore. I could feel him moving, and my midwife told me he was rotating (babies rotate their head and shoulders in order to fit through the birth canal). After a few minutes (Ian said he was freaking out, wondering why I didn't push the rest of him out immediately!), I felt another contraction, pushed, and Finn was born! With the help of Cosette, he floated up to my arms and curled up on my chest.
Finn was born in the caul - which means my water did not break until he was born, and he was born with the amniotic sac over his head, like a mask. It's very rare and supposed to be very good luck. My midwife's son was also born in the caul! Cosette pulled the caul off immediately so Finn could breathe. We turned him a bit and I was able to announce, "It's a boy! I knew it!"
After a few minutes I got out of the tub with the help of Ian to get on the bed to let the cord stop pulsing, deliver the placenta, and be evaluated.
Finn nursed great immedately after the placenta was born and the cord was cut (the cord was too short for him to be up high enough on my chest). Kari, the nurse, evaluated and weighed him. When she said "9-2" I said, "WHAT?!?!"
"Yep, 9 pounds, 2 ounces."
I was so sure throughout the entire pregnancy that this babe was smaller than Oli (who was 8lb 10oz at birth). What a surprise!
Finn's birth was so different from Oliver's. It was incredibly hard, of course, but so amazing. I loved being at home the entire time. I loved being able to labor and birth in the tub. I loved crawling into my own bed right afterwards. I loved having only people I knew and trusted around me.
Oliver is doing pretty good with his baby brother so far. He looooves giving him kisses and 'nice touches'. I'm trying to still give him lots of one-on-one time. I know it'll be a difficult transition for us all but I'm excited for it. I'm already imagining what it's going to be like a year or so from now with two little boys running around like crazy (and one big boy)!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Meet our new baby boy!

Finn Taylor Tice was born this morning at 10:13am. He was born at home, underwater, and in the caul! It was an amazing experience! He was 9 lbs, 2 oz (whoa!) and 21 1/2 inchest long. I will post a more detailed birth story soon. (Along with some photos!) But now it's time for this tired mama to get some rest...

And speaking of rest, this is what is posted on our doors - we would love to have visitors!

Per our midwife’s orders, we have set up ‘visiting hours’ to ensure our family gets the bonding and rest time we need!

We’d love to have visitors from 9-11a. You’re welcome to join us for lunch after 11, if you’re cooking!
Family ‘naptime’ is from noon – 3p; please, no visitors during this time.
You can also visit from 3-5p, and stay until 6:30p if you’re providing dinner!
After 6:30p is family time and bedtime."

Friday, March 12, 2010

what we've been up to...

While waiting for baby brother/sister to arrive...
Making messes...
Doing dishes...
Playing with the barn (it's so fun to watch Oli play pretend. He puts all the animals in the barn, makes the animal noises, has the bunny hop all around the barnyard...)
And being patient...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

note to baby

Dear sweet baby,
If you are still growing and aren't quite ready to come out yet, that's okay with me. I'll be patient.
But, in case you are waiting on me to be ready - I've got all the home birth supplies ready and waiting. The birth tub is nice and warm. Our midwife's number is on speed dial. We have a photographer lined up. Mammo will be back in town tonight. We enjoyed a wonderful (and filling!) dinner at Ohana tonight, and of course I spilled on one of the last shirts that fit me. I've got all my reports for work finished.
So, again, I will be patient, even if you take a couple more weeks. But just remember that I'm ready when you are!
your mama

our gymnast

I remember watching the 2008 Summer Olympics gymnastics, waiting for Oli to arrive. We decided maybe he'd be an Olympic gymnast - and he's off to a good start! Here he's practicing his somersault at the mall (sorry the quality isn't great, it's from my cell phone):