Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birth Week Oli!

We started off the week with Oliver's first haircut! It was getting just a little too crazy...
Our friend Tera is a hairstylist and she did the honors...Oliver sat very still the whole time, he wasn't quite sure what to think.
Still a little long and shaggy, but not out of control - just how I wanted it!
Monday evening we went to the State Fair. It was a perfect night for it - we got there right after 5 (when tickets go to half price!), it wasn't very busy, and the weather was beautiful!
Oliver thought the cows were okay...
But he just thought the "nays" were WONDERFUL!!
We spent a lot of time in the horse barn, and Oliver threw a screaming fit when we left! He definitely has a horse obsession lately. (Don't mind the spots on my camera lens...)
Finn actually spent most of the time in the stroller, checking everything out. By about 6:30 he was ready for a nap and Oliver was getting tired of walking, so Finn slept in the mei tai while Oli rode in the stroller. We left sometime around 7:30, after we spent all of our money on food. It was a nice couple hours at the fair!
On Thursday morning, Oliver was greeted by the whole family. He didn't know why we were all so excited that morning, but I think he liked it.
He especially liked getting a cupcake for breakfast!! (Although this morning, as soon as I went in his room, he asked for a cupcake! Sorry buddy, only once a year!)
Finn didn't get a cupcake, but he still had fun. He is officially sitting up on his own now! He'll sit without assistance for several minutes before tipping over! Crawling is next! (Slow down, little man!)
Unfortunately, Oliver had to get his 2 year check up the morning of his birthday. He weighs 27 pounds 8 ounces, and is 34 inches tall! He had one shot (and screamed "Owie!" but didn't cry), and had to have his finger poked for a lead test (and cried, "Ow, hurt me!"). Finn also had two shots, and cried for about ten seconds. My boys were pretty tough!
We are having a small party for Oliver tonight, then tomorrow is MY birthday! I'm looking forward to dinner at Hu Hot with Ian!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

We love the Natural Playscape at Jester Park!
Finn has learned to bounce in his jumperoo and looooves it!
Is he a happy baby or what?!
Well Finn turned five months old today (and I actually got the photos up on time!). Time is really flying by. Finn is now rolling and scooting, usually backwards. He can easily grab his pacifier and put it in his mouth, along with just about everything else. We've definitely hit that stage where he reaches for everything nearby, making it difficult to eat, drink, or do just about anything while holding him! Lately he has been cutting down on naps, and for most of this week he's just had a short nap in the morning, a long nap in the afternoon (when Oli and I also nap!), and then is awake until bedtime.
He absolutely adores Oliver, and I think Oli feels the same way. Finn is watching him all the time, and you just know he wants to follow Oli everywhere! I think once Finn starts to crawl, Oliver might have a hard time getting away from him!
I took the boys on a long (hot) walk this afternoon in the double stroller. Finn stared at Oliver almost the whole trip, and Oliver was reading a book and pointing things out to me and Finn. I am looking forward to watching their relationship develop!
Oliver continues to talk and talk, adding new words everyday. He's also starting to use short 'sentences.' I read him a book this morning that had a boy flying a kite in it, and later on in the day he brought me the book, found the kite page, and said, "Fy kite!" His favorite thing to say right now is, "Aw, man!" Ian taught him that one, of course.
Oliver's 2nd birthday is coming up very soon - and tomorrow he'll be getting his very first haircut! This is a big deal for me - I've been going back and forth for about six months! I love his crazy hair but it's just a little too out of control lately. I'm just not ready for my first baby to be a little boy! I will be sure to post before and after photos!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Clear Lake

We spent the day up at Clear Lake this weekend. I forgot my camera of course, but I took a whopping two pictures with my phone. Both of Finn napping.
On the beach:
At the park:
Oliver had a blast, he loved swimming at the beach and playing in the sand. He skipped his nap, which led to a cranky boy later in the evening, but that's okay.
Oh, and at Finn's 4 months check up, he weighed 15 pounds 14 ounces and was 25 1/4 inches long.