Friday, February 26, 2010

18 Month Stats

Oliver had his 18-month checkup yesterday. He is 32 1/4 inches tall and 24 lbs, 3 oz. He had two shots and didn't cry one bit - not even a whimper!
We are getting closer to being ready for baby! I officially start my maternity leave March 1st - with my job, it's easier to transfer all my cases on a set date rather than wait until I actually go into labor and then have to cancel a bunch of appointments.
I just got a couple new baby carriers (that brings my total up to 9, I think...Ian says I have a problem) and I'm so excited to use them. I think we have enough cloth diapers for the first few months, but then we may have to buy some more bigger ones - unless Oliver is potty learning by then, we won't have enough diapers to share. He has asked to sit on the potty a few times, but doesn't do anything once he's up there. Which is okay, we're in no rush! We'll let him lead the way.
Our family (along with everyone else in Iowa, I'm sure) is soooooo ready for spring! I can't wait to be able to open the windows and let fresh air in. To turn off the TV and go to the park! To go on long walks around town with my kiddos! Sounds like it may be in the 30's soon, so we'll have to get out and 'help' Ian clean up the driveway and sidewalk again.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Baby Bellies!

My belly as of 2/19...
And of course Oliver wanted in on the fun...his 18-month-old belly!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

birth tub

My birth tub has arrived! This thing is fantastic and I'm so excited to have it. It's approximately 5 feet in diameter, and fits perfectly in the corner of our bedroom. It has a heater, jets, and filter, so it's just like a mini-hot tub. (We keep it set at 100 or just below, which is safe for expecting mamas and feels like a nice warm bath.)
We rented it from the husband of my midwife's assistant. He came and set it all up and got it ready Saturday, and it was warm by Sunday afternoon (it would have been warm earlier, but I didn't have it running during the night since the heater is kind of loud.) I'll be able to enjoy it as much as I want until the baby arrives. I'm not set on a water birth, but would like the option. And I'm defnitely looking forward to laboring in the tub, as water is considered "nature's epidural"!
After the baby is born, we just put the cover back on and he comes back out to clean and drain it and takes it away!
Oliver and I decided to try it out today. It's just shallow enough that he can stand up in it and the water comes up to his chest.
He loved it, but a little too much...I didn't think about how much he loves to splash in his bath. Our walls were wet within seconds, and since there are outlets near the tub I had to put a stop to the splashing and kicking immediately. So, he may not get many more chances to 'swim' in it. Relaxing in the tub will probably be an "after Oliver goes to bed" ritual for the next several weeks.

Friday, February 12, 2010

so, is Oliver ready for the baby?

I get asked this a lot - and "Does Oliver understand about the baby?"
I never really know how to answer. Usually, I'd think no, he has no idea that there will soon be a new baby. But lately he's been really interested in my belly, and really into other people's babies, as well as his own baby dolls. maybe he's just to that developmental stage, or maybe he does have some sort of idea.
We talk to him often about the baby, and we have been practicing 'nice touches' and hugs and kisses with his dolls. (yes, he has baby dolls.) he couldn't stop loving on baby cousin Ellie last weekend, and today at playgroup he met two new babies (ADORABLE Neena and Isla, both a little over a month old) and was just smiling at them and wanting to 'pet' them. (I try to teach him to touch their toes only, no one wants sticky toddler hands on their newborn's head!) At the store he is constantly pointing at other kids in their carts and saying, "Baby!" (even if the child is Oli's age.)
either way, i think he's going to be a fantastic big brother. i just peeked in his room (he's supposed to be napping), and he was laying his stuffed Curious George on his pillow and covering him up with a blanket.
i think we're all at least emotionally and mentally ready for the baby to arrive. i still have a lot of material things to get ready, though!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

One year ago this week...

Oliver practiced his arm bars...
Took a nap with Ian (in matching undies! ha!)...
Practiced drinking out of a straw...
And worked on crawling!

And THIS week...he has continued to improve on his boxing skills. We can't control it!

Monday, February 1, 2010