Friday, February 12, 2010

so, is Oliver ready for the baby?

I get asked this a lot - and "Does Oliver understand about the baby?"
I never really know how to answer. Usually, I'd think no, he has no idea that there will soon be a new baby. But lately he's been really interested in my belly, and really into other people's babies, as well as his own baby dolls. maybe he's just to that developmental stage, or maybe he does have some sort of idea.
We talk to him often about the baby, and we have been practicing 'nice touches' and hugs and kisses with his dolls. (yes, he has baby dolls.) he couldn't stop loving on baby cousin Ellie last weekend, and today at playgroup he met two new babies (ADORABLE Neena and Isla, both a little over a month old) and was just smiling at them and wanting to 'pet' them. (I try to teach him to touch their toes only, no one wants sticky toddler hands on their newborn's head!) At the store he is constantly pointing at other kids in their carts and saying, "Baby!" (even if the child is Oli's age.)
either way, i think he's going to be a fantastic big brother. i just peeked in his room (he's supposed to be napping), and he was laying his stuffed Curious George on his pillow and covering him up with a blanket.
i think we're all at least emotionally and mentally ready for the baby to arrive. i still have a lot of material things to get ready, though!

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