Tuesday, March 30, 2010

2 weeks (plus a few days...)

Hmm, with two kiddos it's even harder to keep up with the blog! Who woulda thought?!
Jessica, our midwife's apprentice, came out to see us on Monday. Finn is up to 10 pounds, 6 ounces! He and mama are both doing great!
Oliver continues to love on his little bro all the time - giving kisses and hugs, covering him up with blankets, giving him his pacifier (and trying to steal it sometimes, too!). Oli is struggling during the day when Ian is at work or sleeping, as he doesn't have the one-on-one attention he is so used to. But we are sure we will all adjust soon!
Finn is such an easy baby - or it just seems that way since we've been through all the newborn stuff before. He's sleeping great (no, not 'through the night'), eating like a piggy, and really starting to take an interest in the people around him (and the ceiling fan). Mammo (my mom) insists he smiled at her the other day.
Our friend Tera stopped by the other day and took some great photos of the boys - here are a few!

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Mammo said...

He DID smile at me!!