Sunday, March 7, 2010

note to baby

Dear sweet baby,
If you are still growing and aren't quite ready to come out yet, that's okay with me. I'll be patient.
But, in case you are waiting on me to be ready - I've got all the home birth supplies ready and waiting. The birth tub is nice and warm. Our midwife's number is on speed dial. We have a photographer lined up. Mammo will be back in town tonight. We enjoyed a wonderful (and filling!) dinner at Ohana tonight, and of course I spilled on one of the last shirts that fit me. I've got all my reports for work finished.
So, again, I will be patient, even if you take a couple more weeks. But just remember that I'm ready when you are!
your mama

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RiverWed070707 said...

Oh I'm so glad you decided to get a photographer! I even really regret not getting a pic of my belly just before N was born, but I would have loved to have photos throughout.

Hope baby makes an appearance soon!