Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Home Sweet Home!

Oliver has been home for almost a week now and we are starting to adjust to the family life...
He received his last antibiotics at 4am Wednesday August 27th, and we were home by noon that day! We spent a few hours giving Oli the tour, introducing him to Brick (our rottweiler), and napping. We went to Aunt Bonnie's and Uncle Chad's for dinner and cake for Grandpa Tony's birthday.
Saturday night we all went down to Lake Red Rock for the grand opening of Uncle Mat's bar. Oliver slept right through the live band - probably because I went to several concerts the last month I was pregnant! He met a lot of people that night but he wasn't too interested in them. :)
Monday evening we went to Bonnie & Chad's again for dinner. Today Oli went with us to the dentist, then he had his 2 week check up with his pediatrician. He is up to 9 lbs, 3 oz already! Doctor Schutte said everything looks good and he won't have to see another doctor til 2 months!
Oliver has been sleeping fairly well - although lately he likes to stay up from about 10pm to 2am, he then sleeps well in either his cradle or our bed, only waking up to eat and fall right back to sleep. Ian is amazing with him - and I'm so glad he's sharing the late-night feedings, because I can get pretty crabby with no sleep! I am hoping he doesn't have to work out of town anytime soon, I'm not quite ready to handle the nights alone!
I'll keep adding photos, check out the links to the left!

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