Sunday, October 18, 2009

Oliver Update

Well Oliver will be 14 months tomorrow - and he is growing up way too fast! Just some of the things he has learned in the last few months:
He must be going through a growth spurt because he has been eating like a pig (even stealing Austin's food, I hear) and sleeping like a log!
He weaned himself from day nursing shortly after his first birthday, and I think he's close to night-weaning, too.
Oli can say "mama", "dada", grandpa ("papa"), ball ("bah"), dog ("dah"), "uh oh", up ("uh! uh!"), and he signs "all done" and "eat" (although his 'eat' sign is really the 'more' sign, but we didn't teach either to him - he picked it up from Austin, just a little mixed up!).
He knows what a dog says ("uhh-uhh-uhh"), what a cow says ("mmmm"), and of course, what a motorcycle says.
He waves, gives high fives, and bumps fists. He blows on my belly when I ask him to give the baby kisses.
He is following directions well; for example, he knows he can only have his pacifier while in his bed, so if he's walking around with it I'll tell him to "go put it away" and he walks to his crib and throws it in.
He is eating really well with his toddler fork and spoon (fork is easier). Last night he ate all of his carrots using just his fork, and he was so proud of himself. It's funny, when he eats with his hand he almost always uses his left hand, but he uses his silverware with his right. So I'm not sure if he'll be a south-paw or not.
He is constantly on the move, which has of course led to many bumps and bruises.
This is just a short list of all the cool new things Oliver has learned. I'm amazed every day at how quickly he picks things up. I think this is why all parents think their kids are geniuses!

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