Tuesday, April 13, 2010

talk talk talk talk talk....

Oliver is definitely starting to jabber more and more, and starting to make sense! (Even to those who aren't around him all the time.)
His favorite thing the past couple days has been saying "bye-bye". To EVERYTHING!
"Bye-bye baby!"
"Bye-bye daddy!"
"Bye-bye car/bird/bug/tractor/noise-that-means-motorcycle-or-truck!"
And this morning, as I was dumping his poop down the toilet, he waved and said "bye-bye poop!"

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Amanda and Scott said...

That is so funny, Tiff, cause Preston does the same thing. He says bye bye to the potty going down the toilet and bye bye to everything he walks aways from. Hope Oliver is adjusting well to Finn! He gives him so many kisses...so sweet.