Saturday, May 15, 2010

Two Months!

Finn is two months old now (as of yesterday)!!
  • nursing
  • sleeping in the wrap
  • sleeping next to mama
  • sleeping on dad's chest
  • smiling
  • giggling
  • being tickled
  • being bounced
  • watching big brother
  • ceiling fans
  • the car/carseat
  • sleeping alone
Finn is such a sweet babe (of course!), and we're enjoying every moment with him. I have started back to work very part-time, and although I like being back to work, it's still hard leaving both my boys for very long!

Oliver, our badass baby:
Finn having fun at the indoor playground:
Oliver found a bouncy room full of 'punching bags'. Needless to say, he was in heaven!
He played pretty hard!
Happy baby!
Wearing their outfits from Mammo:
sweet brothers:

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