Friday, September 24, 2010

forgive me...

please?! it's been over a MONTH since i last posted! so sorry!
i will add photos later, right now i'm on my work laptop while my personal laptop is making copies of finn's birth video to share with my doula class.
what have we been up to?
oliver continues to talk and talk, now using short sentences pretty often. he loves dinosaurs and horses and trains, and tomorrow he gets to go see thomas the tank engine with papa dennis and grandma andy. he is a ball of energy and i can rarely keep up with him. he's got some major mood swings, but is still the sweetest thing ever. he makes me laugh every day with his antics. we recently went to the every family rocks concert at the fairgrounds, and he had fun dancing and singing along to our favorite band, justin roberts.
oliver loves his babysitter and asks to go to her house often - she has a three year old daughter who oli loves to play with. he is playing 'pretend' more and more, making me food to eat and taking his dinosaurs for rides in his trucks. he also likes to line up his toys on the floor and is always very excited to show us. "mama, 'mere! look!"
he loves his little brother to death, and lately has been encouraging him to crawl. he gets very excited when finn manages to scoot forward to grab toys!
finn is growing like a weed, and turned 6 months ten days ago. he's got his well-baby check next week so we'll see how chunky he is then!
last week was a big week for finn - he got his first black eye (falling off the bed) and his first TOOTH!! one little tooth on the bottom, but i bet the second one will be here soon. so far he has been a much 'easier' teether than oliver (knock on wood!). he had one night that he was up a lot and very restless, and the next day i could feel a tooth! it's definitely visible now. i'm kinda sad, i'll (probably) never have a toothless baby again!
finn has started trying out some 'real' food. we are skipping purees and just giving him things that he can safely gnaw on, such as peeled pears, bananas, and avocado slices. so far he looooves pears. he doesn't eat much of them yet, but is just practicing his skills! he still nurses like a champ but refuses the bottle, which sometimes makes it difficult for me to schedule work appointments!
we recently side-carred a crib for finn (took off one side of the crib and attached it to our bed), which gives us a little more room (like we need it in our king bed!), but he probably sleeps on the crib side less than half of the night. it's much cozier next to mama! i think this winter i'll enjoy the extra body heat as well.
finn is scooting in all directions, sitting well on his own, and rolls over, but no official crawling yet. i'm not sure why i encourage him to crawl, i'm not ready for two mobile kiddos!
ian has been working his butt off. his work schedule is always crazy, and he's been picking up a lot of overtime as well. we all really appreciate how hard he works to keep a roof over our head!
i'm still working part-time, which allows me to be home with the kiddos most of the time, and occasionally they go to the babysitter's, who is more of a friend than babysitter. i am in the middle of my doula training workshop this weekend, which so far is a great time and i'm learning a lot. i'm excited to start attending births and complete my certification! i don't expect to make a lot of money being a doula, but it's something that i feel strongly about and will allow me to support mamas! and my current job is flexible enough to allow me to do both.
okay...that was a quick recap! i'll add photos soon!

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