Wednesday, January 19, 2011

computer whiz

oliver, at the ripe age of 2 years and five months, has figured out the computer.
he was watching dora on netflix, and i knew that it ended. i figured he'd come join me in the kitchen to 'help' me make lunch. but after a minute or two i heard him say, "I did it!" I looked, and he had clicked on the 'back to search' button, then chose another dora episode and clicked on it, so he could watch more. i figured it was a fluke, but let him watch another for the effort he put towards it!
then that one was over, so i closed out the internet explorer entirely. i look back a few seconds later, and it's open again! i asked oliver to show me what he did. sure enough, he used the mouse to click on the tiny internet icon in the lower corner of the screen.
i give it about a year before he's fixing things on the computer for me, saying, "ugh, just move mom, i'll do it!"
for now, i'm looking for good, age-appropriate games he can play on the computer - who knows what trouble he can get into on the internet!

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