Sunday, February 3, 2008

Crib & Bedding!

I went a little baby crazy today...we decided that we should buy our crib bedding before we buy the paint, so that the colors match. So, I found a great crib bedding set on sale at Target and bought that today. They had so many cute accessories to go with (nightlight, curtains, pillows, etc), I had to hold myself back from spending a ton of money!

Then, I went to Burlington Coat Factory's Baby Depot, which has the crib we want, because I just had a feeling I should find out when we need to order the crib. I found our crib and it had a sign on it, "Last One - Display Model!" So I went at the perfect time - they are not going to be ordering any more of that crib and it's the only place around here we could buy it. There was just a few scratches on the side, so they gave me a discount and I bought it!! I know it's still early...but it's exciting to be getting stocked up! Below are pictures of the bedding and the crib - sorry, the crib picture is so small. When we actually get it all set up I'll put those pictures up.

Bedding from DwellStudio for Target:
(the colors are brown, yellow, green, blue, and red)

Crib from SimmonsKids for Baby Depot:
(we just bought the crib, not the dresser or bookshelf)

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Anonymous said...

Awww Tiff!!!! So cute!!! I miss you!!!! Hope all is well!!!
Love Nina!