Friday, February 1, 2008


I started a prenatal yoga class last night at Firehouse Yoga on University - it was pretty cool and I think I'll probably continue throughout my pregnancy. As far as I know, Sandi, the instructor, is the only certified prenatal yoga instructor in the Des Moines area.
There were 6 of us in the class, including the instructor. Mallory (who I went to HS with, she's having an August baby too!) joined me there and it was her first time there. I think Mallory was the 'newest' mom-to-be at 11 weeks, and the instructor and one other woman are about 32 weeks along.
We started off by talking for a few minutes about body image during pregnancy and how society views women's bodies - the question for discussion was "Has anyone made comments about your changing body?" So far you guys have been kind and haven't said how pregnant I look or how huge I've gotten - so thanks! :)
We then did about 45 minutes of yoga, and ended the class with a few minutes of relaxation, where we lay down on our mats with pillows and blankets! I'm pretty sure we weren't supposed to actually fall asleep....but it was hard not to!
It was nice to have a relaxing, calming exercise to do that I know is safe and healthy for Baby Tice and will help me prepare for childbirth and recovery.
And speaking of childbirth, I think Ian and I will be taking natural childbirth classes from Amy Brooks Murphy, the only (that I know of) certified natural birth instructor in the area. I've heard great things about her and you can find her website at . Some might say I'm crazy for not wanting meds...but, the way I see it, I was made to give birth and how many women before me survived the pain? Quite a few. If it's absolutely horrible, I'll drug up for #2! :)

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