Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Baby Room

We're slooooowly but surely cleaning out our second bedroom to start working on the baby room!

We're leaving the white bookshelf and the futon (at least for awhile), and getting rid of everything else.
We're planning on putting up a chair rail about 3 feet up, and painting the bottom part of the wall a chocolate brown, leaving the top part white, and doing multicolored polkadots and stripes. I'm not sure how we're going to do it yet wall with stripes? No stripes at all?
I'll put up more pictures as we get further along! Anyone have any great ideas?


laila's dad said...

it is gunna be sweet, i hope that we can get a day that i can get down there and get some work done. maybe see if ian can get a weekday off or something like that.

aunt bonnie & uncle chad said...

Whatever you need help with Chad and I will be there. All you have to do is ask and if you don't we just might show up!