Saturday, January 12, 2008


I got to hear Baby's heartbeat at my first appointment with my midwife! I recorded it, since Ian couldn't be there.


The heartrate was 140 - is that a boy heartbeat or girl heartbeat? So far everyone who has an opinion says it's a girl - except Danielle, she thinks it's a boy. I'm starting to get the 'girl' feeling, but I'm not sure if that's because I really have a gut feeling, or because it's what everyone else says.


Kimber! said...

Everyone thought i was having a boy so i eventually got convinced it was a boy... and they were right! and by the way.. you ARE having a girl-- duh.

Robes said...

I had a really high heart beat at 8wks around 183 and they said it was a it's 147 and it's a boy! I would wait to decide when all four chambers of the heart develop!

baby bear said...

our heart beat has been consistent 130-140bpm... We're having a girl. So we'll see in another 8-10 Hope all is well Tiff!!

kylie ludemann said...

this is such a cute website! good luck with the pregnancy and i know you two will be awesome parents!