Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baby Belly, etc.

Well as of today, I am 11 weeks along and I'm already wearing maternity pants! I can still squeeze into some of my regular pants, but usually I have to keep them unbuttoned. Here are some pictures:

Me at 8 Weeks
10 Weeks!
I had my first appointment on Friday with my midwife - no mom, that doesn't mean I'm delivering at home. Actually it's a group practice, so I will meet all 5 of the midwives throughout my pregnancy and whoever is on call when I go into labor will be the one to deliver. They only deliver at the hospital, and they don't do water births. Basically the only difference between what I'd get from them and what I'd get from an OB is the midwife will be with me the entire labor & delivery - not just the last 10 minutes. And I also see a lot more of them while in the office. They can order meds for me, etc. I haven't completely decided if I want an epidural or not, but I'm leaning towards a natural birth as of right now.
Anyway, the nurses and the midwife were really nice, answered all my questions, and we got to hear the heartbeat (see previous post)! It was amazing - it really makes it feel 'real' now. I knew I had a little one growing in me, but to hear the heartbeat was incredible. I kept it together while in the office, but as soon as I got out to my car I bawled - I'm such a crybaby.
We're working on clearing out our second bedroom so that we can start working on the baby's room - I just don't know where to put all this stuff! I'll post pictures of the transformation!



You're so cute, can I pat your belly?

surrogent uncle tyler said...

megan has some mommy pants and shirts if you want to borrow them. just let me know and we can all get together and ya

Robes said...

Wait until you get as big as I am! I hope it goes well. I was in maternity clothes early as well! Make sure you drink plenty of water!

aunt bonnie & uncle chad said...

Ha! I love it!