Sunday, December 21, 2008


First, Oliver turned four months on Friday! Here is his 'Four Month Photo':

We had our Tice Christmas Saturday night - Oliver had great naps during the day and was a VERY good baby all night long - even way past his bedtime! He was all smiles for everyone. Here is Cousin Emily holding him:

Sunday morning, Oli and I were up bright and early, but Ian wasn't quite ready - so Oliver attempted to wake him up:

Sunday we had the King Christmas, and got our SECOND five-generation photo! Here is Oliver, Ian, Grandpa Tony, Great-Grandma Tice, and Great-Great Grandpa King:

And here are all the Tice men! Oliver, Cousin Mason, Cousin Grant, Ian, Great-Uncle Mike, Grandpa Tony, and Great-Grandpa Tice:

I uploaded a bunch of new photos, so just click on the links to the left!! We have FIVE more Christmases to go to, so there will be lots more photos!

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