Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Power of Naps

I will no longer underestimate the power of a morning nap. We had our first of eight (yes, eight) Christmases today, and it was a big fat failure.

Oli was a happy guy when he woke up, and we went to church at 10. He usually sleeps through mass, but not this morning. Afterwards we went straight to Aunt Heidi's for the McKnabb Christmas...and hell broke loose. I fed Oliver when we got there and attempted to put him down for a nap, since he had been awake waaaay too long and was cranky already. For the next two hours, Ian and I took turns trying to get him to sleep. He was just NOT having it. He would fall asleep in our arms for a few minutes then wake up screaming. I think the whole family now thinks he's a cranky baby - he's really not!! He's usually so happy and giggly and flirty! He just refused to sleep.

So we had to leave early, and no one got to play with Oli. He slept on the way home (we took the long way so it was close to a 30-minute nap), he ate when he got home and slept with me for an hour, ate, and THEN was pretty much back to normal. At 4:30pm. What a rough day! He went back down for another nap right away and slept two more hours, was up for an hour, then went down for the night. He was SUCH a tired boy!

We have seven more Xmases, and I will definitely be making sure he gets a nap in before all of them! Poor guy.

I've been trying to upload more videos of him, but they haven't been working...I'll keep trying!

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