Thursday, February 19, 2009

Six Months!

Today is a big day for not only Oliver, but me too! During my pregnancy I set a couple goals for myself - to breastfeed for at least six months, and to lose all my pregnancy weight plus four pounds by six months. And I gained a LOT during my pregnancy!
After a rough first two months, we finally got breastfeeding figured out and it's still going great!
And, this morning I stepped on the scale and I'm right at my goal weight!! Yay!
Oliver is crawling up a storm, he is getting so quick! He is already pulling himself up, usually onto our legs but sometimes on the couch or his musical table (a fun toy from Aunt Anna). He hasn't started to really cruise yet but I'm sure that is coming. I'm guessing that he'll be walking by 10 months.
During one of the super-warm days last week we spent some time at the park next door:

We can't wait for more warm weather!

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