Sunday, May 10, 2009

Missed my baby!

Well, I spent the longest amount of time away from Oliver ever the other day.
I co-facilitate a middle school girls' group, and we took them camping at Camp Hantesa Friday and Saturday. I didn't spend the night, but Friday I was away from Oli for exactly 11 hours and 16 minutes....ugh it was terrible.
I did pretty well throughout the day, we were very busy with the challenge courses. But at dinner in the cafeteria, one of the camp staff had her kids with her - she had an 8 month old son. I just about started crying right there. I left shortly after dinner and came home to stare at Oliver sleeping for awhile. I was happy when he woke up in the night so I got some cuddle time.
But, I survived the time away (as did Oli, and he loved playing with Grandma Holly), and it was worth it - I did the high ropes course, which is 30 feet up in the air, as well as the 'Leap of Faith' - I climbed to the top of a 30 foot telephone pole, stood on the top, and jumped off. Some of my girls were holding the rope. I'll get the photos from the other group leader later this week, and I'll be sure to post them. It really was a blast!

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