Thursday, May 14, 2009

What we're up to this week...

On Monday we took advantage of the beautiful weather and my day (well most of the day) off and spent a couple hours at the Square playing with Mallory and Elise.
I pulled out our Mei Tai on Wednesday. I haven't used it in awhile, because my Patapum is so easy to get on and off that I kind of got spoiled. But I'm planning on wearing the Mei Tai to a wedding this weekend (it's 'dressier' than my other carriers), so I thought we should practice. After a few minutes of remembering just how it works, Oli was nice and comfortable, as was I. I love this thing! We did some housework, walked to get the mail, and walked to the bank. (I really need to clean the slobber off that mirror!!)

And Oliver got 'fluffy mail' on Wednesday - a new wool soaker (used as a cover for his fitteds). I bought it from WinkyDinks on Etsy. He tried it out this morning and is great!
And this morning, we watched part of Sesame Street before Oliver's nap. I try to keep the tv off as much as possible, but Oli just loves Sesame Street. He just sits and smiles the whole time. (Well, the whole time he is sitting still. Which is only a few minutes.)
But, there are a couple things that bug me about the show. For one, Baby Bear. He can't pronounce his "R"s. I realize that lots of kids have trouble with their "R"s but aren't they encouraging it? Maybe not, but it just drives me nuts.
And why does Elmo get a whole 20-minute segment? His voice also makes me crazy. Although I am a fan of Mr. Noodle, and his brother, Mr. Noodle.
And I would like to see more Big Bird and Snuffleupagus. They are MY favorites.

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RiverWed070707 said...

I love fluffy mail! The pic of you two with him in the carrier is too cute -- he's such a ham!