Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Busy boy!

I know I've said it before, but this kid will NOT sit still for a second anymore! Even in his sleep, he's wiggling all around. It makes it difficult to get a good photo of his 'big brother' shirt!

First try...
Grandma Laurie is trying to help...
"No, I won't cooperate!"
Finally, I got him to hold still for a split second. (Can you see why he is never wearing any clothes? It takes an hour just to get them on his squirmy butt!)
And I know I'm biased, but I just think Oli is the smartest kid ever. He figures things out so quickly! He has this really loud, obnoxious ball toy that he loves, and he has figured out how to push the button to make it go. And he pushes it over and over.
And recently he's figured out his toy cars. He pushes them around the entire house, often making motor noises too!
He is getting better and better at walking. We aren't really pushing it at all, but he is taking many steps on his own, and often tries to walk before he drops down to a crawl.
He continues to love his books. We read a book before naps and before bedtime, and often throughout the day. The past few nights, I have put him in his crib with a book at bedtime and he will lay there flipping pages for a few minutes before falling asleep. He also likes to kiss the babies in his books. It's pretty cute.
Oh and speaking of kisses....I taught him how to "give the baby kisses" today. He kisses my tummy. Pretty cute, huh?!

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