Thursday, August 20, 2009


Yes it's true, we are planning a homebirth for Baby #2. Why? Well, I have a couple answers prepared.
For those people who just think we're plain crazy, the answer is, "Because it's what is best for us."
For those people who are actually interested in the reasons, the brief answer is, "Because hospitals and OBs are great at taking care of women and babies that need extra care and interventions. But they aren't so great at supporting low-risk women who want to avoid interventions as much as possible. I have a low-risk pregnancy and will feel more comfortable birthing at home."
I actually LOVE talking about this stuff. But I avoid bringing it up because a lot of people aren't able to listen with an open mind. But if asked about it, I might just talk for hours.
Is it safe? I'll link several resources, but they all say the same thing: low-risk mothers birthing at home (with a qualified midwife) and their babies are just as safe, if not safer, than low-risk mothers birthing in hospitals. And we have a VERY qualified, wonderful midwife.
If you want to read for yourself:
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I like my grandma's response..."Well, that's how they used to do it."

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Mom said...

Is your homebirth going to be an open house? I'll bring my broccali slaw! Can I be in the living room or is this just a way to keep me home?

As long as you and baby are healthy and well cared for, do what is best for your family.