Monday, December 14, 2009

New Camera = New Belly Photo!

I finally went out and got a new camera - just a cheap one for now so the pics aren't that great. But, here is my newest belly shot - I think it's 28 weeks. I can't keep track. Anyway, we have about three months to go!

Oliver has been working on some molars all weekend - I'm not sure how many. Today I could finally feel one little pointy tooth on his left side, and bumps on the right. He was never too bad with his front teeth, but these back ones are really bugging him! He's had a low fever all weekend and just been cranky. And very restless at night, no one has been sleeping well. Poor baby! So he has been cuddling on the couch a lot the past few days, which is rare - he is usually always on the go! So this is his "I don't feel good" look:

But, it is still not stopping him from climbing on everything he can reach.


RiverWed070707 said...

Aw I miss my baby belly :( (except I think right about how far along you are now is when it really became a nuisance!)

I like how you rearranged the LR - cozy!

Mammo said...

I think this is his "My dumb mom makes me wear her old leg warmers from when she was 8" look.

Come see Mammo, Oli. I won't put them on you!