Wednesday, July 7, 2010


yep, that's me. i have two very cute, very busy excuses for rarely posting though!
i'm going to make it my goal to post at least four times a week now.
that doesn't mean you'll get four good posts a week, though. most likely it'll be four posts that took me five minutes to write.
this morning we had a good time at our Holistic Families (or, "hippy mom", as ian likes to call it) group, and while Oliver covered himself in sand i got to talk to other mamas about education and what they are choosing for their children. i think we will start looking into the local montessori schools, and see if one might work for us in a couple years. (and no, it's not too early - these schools are so popular, parents get their kids on waiting lists as early as 6 months old!)
Oliver is in the middle of a language EXPLOSION! he's saying new words each day (sometimes each hour, it seems!), and it's so fun. not only is he learning new words, but he's saying his 'old' words better and is really starting to enunciate correctly.
Finn is working on rolling! with a tiny bit of help from us, he's rolled a few times the last couple days. he is starting to reach out for toys/faces and brings everything straight to his mouth, of course. he just loves watching oliver, and Oli of course loves the attention. i often catch oli making funny faces at Finn in the backseat and laughing when Finn smiles at him.

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Ashly said...

You'll love Montessori. And, if you find a really good one, you'll have a hard time not being convinced to start sooner :)

We had planned on waiting until kindergarten to start, but then I got the spiel about how ages 2-6 is the learning window and the whole education method was founded on...blah, blah, blah... and, well, it worked. We're starting in September - ha. I'm a push over but I heart this school.