Monday, August 25, 2008

Home Soon!

The end is in sight!
Due to a high fever (an infection somewhere, they aren't sure where or why), I have been hooked up to IV antibiotics since Thursday night. So Oliver and I have learned quickly how to untangle ourselves and move around without tripping over wires and cords!
It has been a rough weekend, but things are definitely looking up. I am getting my last dose of antibiotics right now, and will be discharged this afternoon. I'm looking forward to a quick trip home, my own shower, and then coming back to the NICU.
Oliver is doing so well - he's a tough guy. The only things he is hooked up to now are his IV - which is a saline lock when he's not getting his meds - and his heartrate monitor. He lost his bubble, oxygen monitor, and feeding tube. He just keeps getting cuter! He is eating well, his last antibiotic dose is due Wednesday morning, and he should be out of here that day! We are so excited. I'm looking forward to doing things on our own schedule, sleeping (haha) in my own bed, and mostly just hanging out on the couch as a family. It has been a loooong week!
I will work on uploading more photos soon! Below is a photo of him over the weekend, but he still has the feeding tube in. He is SUCH a cuddle bug!!

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