Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Photos, Update

Well Oliver is doing pretty well in the NICU. He is currently under an oxygen dome (his 'bubble') but they are weaning him off of it slowly, and he is doing much better than they thought he would so soon. He will be on IV antibiotics for 7 days, but hopefully as soon as he is well enough to be out of the bubble we will be able to hold him again.
For those of you who are interested, I'll give his birth story (brief edition): On Monday he was 12 days overdue, so we went in for an ultrasound and non-stress test. He was doing well but my midwife decided he needed to come very soon. We went to the hospital Monday evening and I was given Cervadil to hopefully get some dilation started. I tried to sleep, and got a few hours, but my water broke at 4am and contractions started getting stronger. They weren't consistant enough however, so I was started on Pitocin at 10:30 Tuesday morning. Long story short, I labored until about 10:35pm, started pushing, and he was born at 11:27pm! He passed meconium shortly before delivery and swallowed some, so he was rushed to the warming table to be suctioned - poor guy was NOT happy about all of that. They gave him back to me, but he was 'grunting' a lot so they took him back to suction more. I finally got to hold him for good about half an hour after he was born.
He had a quick visit from some family members, and we tried to get some rest overnight. About 9:30 Wednesday morning, the nurses checking on him noticed that he had started breathing really rapidly. They took him to the nursery to run some test, and determined that he had pneumonia. They can't tell exactly why he got it, but it could have been due to the length of time between when my water broke and when he was born. He went straight to NICU and is in his 'bubble'.
He is doing well though, but it's hard to see him laying there and not be able to pick him up. We're just praying that he continues to do well.
Here are a couple photos, and you can go to two websites to see a lot more: and

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Anonymous said...

so glad to hear he is doing better. we are still praying for you guys. and we can't wait to see him!