Thursday, August 21, 2008

No more bubble!

I woke up this morning (finally got a few hours of sleep! yay!) and went to see Oliver in the NICU, and got the best birthday present: Oliver was off oxygen! We thought it would take quite a bit longer.
All of his vitals have been stable now and the doctor is pretty confident that as soon as the antibiotics are done, he'll be sent home! All the nurses say they can't believe he's sick - he is quite the screamer for having lung problems!
And even better news was that he can now eat - he went about 24 hours with no food at all. We are working on breastfeeding, but it's pretty hard right now with everything else he's going through. So he also has a feeding tube that we can feed him with - it's just a tiny tube that goes in his mouth and down into his tummy. He can't even feel it now.
So hopefully the next week will be uneventful and Oli will be at home very soon.
Thank you for all your thoughts and encouraging words!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I just saw your bulletin on myspace and came here - so you had a baby boy!! How sweet :) I hope everything is still going well and you will be able to take him home soon... I can't imagine what the past week has been like for you.. He sure is a cutie though and a big boy at that... We move home the end of Oct so hopefully we can get together and I can see you and meet your boys (your hubby and baby)... Take care Tiff