Friday, March 20, 2009

Lots of new things!

Oliver is 7 months old now and has accomplished a lot in the past couple months! Just some of the things are:

He can 'give kisses' - to himself (in the mirror), to mama, to daddy, to Austin, and sometimes to other people if he's in the mood.

He can crawl across the room faster than I can turn around.

He pulls himself up on anything and everything.

He is starting to 'cruise' the couch.

He has learned from Austin how to pull all the DVDs off of the shelf. It drives Ian nuts. I'm working on teaching both boys how to put them BACK, in alphabetical order.

He is finally starting to really like his 'real' food. He's eating bananas, avocado, apples, peas, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, mangos, and puffs.

Last night he slept in his crib the entire night - usually he comes to bed with me halfway through, but we are working on stopping that. He slept great in his crib last night. I, on the other hand, could not sleep at all. I missed him.
And, the BIG news...this morning as Oli was eating his puffs and apples, he gave me a big grin and I saw a little flash of white! I tried to look closer, and I rubbed what I thought might be a piece of apple from his bottom gums....nope! It's a tooth!! It's just starting to poke it's way through. He's getting so big!!
Below is my attempt to get a good 7-month photo. He's really not interested in sitting still at all. And he also does not want to open his mouth to show off his new tooth.

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