Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mama's so crafty!

I've finally got my sewing machine figured out, and I've been working on some diapers and accessories for Oliver!
This is his fleece Hawkeye soaker. He wears it over his cloth diapers (fitteds), and it prevents any leaks! I had to make the leg holes extra big for his chunky thighs, and they fit him perfectly!
These are his fleece 'longies' - a diaper cover and pants all in one. He had a major poop in these, and although it did leak out of the diaper and onto the pants, nothing came through to the outside!

I'm planning on practicing more with the diaper covers, and making Oliver and his cousin-to-be Gabe lots of cute stuff! Maybe one day I'll be brave and try to make an actual diaper...

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