Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy Weekend!

This weekend was Bonnie's baby shower, and some of our friends from Wisconsin were in town. We had dinner at Gma Holly and Gpa Tony's, and got to spend time with Bonnie, Chad, Toni, her kiddos, and Sarah and Debbie Burdick. The Burdick's gave Oli a great big Tonka truck, which he just loves!

Oliver got to meet Alexander, our friend Robbie's son:
And Oli had to check out all of his cousin Gabe's toys (Gabe also got a Tonka truck from the Burdick's):
And here is Oliver spending time with Great-Grandma Tice. It's lucky I had the camera out, he was off her lap and crawling across the room after about ten seconds! He just can't sit still!

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