Saturday, April 18, 2009

Way back when...

I was thinking about our first days with Oliver earlier today. I haven't really posted a detailed birth story or what went on in the first week, but that will have to be a longer post for later I guess. To make it short, Oli was in NICU for 8 days, I was sick and hooked up to an IV for 6 days, and it was tough. Really tough.
I remember one night in the NICU with just Oliver and Ian. Oli wasn't a very happy camper and Ian was trying to soothe him - he was attempting to pace with him, but he couldn't walk very far since Oli was hooked up to so many wires. I told Ian to sing or tell a story to Oliver, so he sang the entire "Boy Named Sue" song by Johnny Cash, word for word. I think Oli quieted down and fell asleep right at "he went and named me Sue" but Ian kept singing.
Oliver is so lucky to have such a wonderful daddy.

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Grandmama said...

I think Oliver's pretty lucky to have both the parents he has.