Friday, June 19, 2009

10 months!

Oliver is ten months old today!
His favorite new things are:
Pointing - at people, animals, anything.
Clapping - anytime he knows he has done something good, such as....
Climbing off of our bed or the couch the right way. No falling!
He is also trying to figure out how to crawl down stairs. But since the only stairs we have lead to our 'dungeon', he doesn't get much practice with this. Mostly at the park. (He's a pro at going up stairs.)
Attempting to walk! I have said that he'd be walking by ten months.....and depending on your definition of walking, he may have mastered it. Last night, with some bribing (he loves to get ahold of my cell phone), I got him to take three sturdy steps, and then he took five 'shuffle' steps before going down to his knees! And today, he actually took a step on his own - no 'bribing' from us! I was barely paying attention, even.
So, he's not officially walking. But that's okay - he gets into enough trouble just by crawling. And I'm not ready for a toddler!
We had a busy day today, so I haven't gotten his 'official ten month photos. But I'll do that tomorrow. Here are a couple for you:
Showing off his pointing skills:

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Grandmama said...

He walked at my house!! 6 steps!