Sunday, June 7, 2009

ah, sleep!

One week ago today, Oliver suddenly decided he didn't want to take morning naps anymore. At first, it was exhausting. He was non-stop all over the house, and it's nice to have that little nap break! But now it's easier to get out of the house, and we have taken full advantage of it, trying to get outside to a playground or running errands every morning. He's gone all week without a 'real' morning nap (he'll sometimes sleep in the car for a little bit), and he is just as happy as can be.
With no morning nap, that means his afternoon nap is now earlier, and usually longer. He's gotten into a great schedule of napping from about 1-3 every day.
But it doesn't stop there. Last night, Oliver.....drumroll......slept through the night!!
I know, most people think he should have been sleeping through the night months ago. I have heard that I need to let him cry it out. I have heard that he "isn't hungry" in the night. Well, most people who know me well know that I don't take unwanted advice. I've been going by my mama instincts and nursing him at night when he's hungry (and yes, I can tell if he's hungry or just can't find his pacifier.). And I haven't been complaining. (Well, maybe I did a few months ago when he was teething and was up every two hours.)
He had been down to nursing once in the night, usually around 4am. He always goes right back to sleep so I'm usually only up for about ten minutes.
This morning, I woke up when Ian left for work at 6am and realized I hadn't gotten up with Oli yet! I immediately went back to sleep, figuring now that I knew, he'd wake up in fifteen minutes.
At 7:05, I hear him talking in his crib. I let him play for about ten minutes, went in his room, and saw a huge "Good Morning!" grin.
I am sure that this was just a fluke and he won't do it again until he's five. But hey, one night was nice!

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