Monday, June 15, 2009

We've been busy...

Here is Oliver checking out his new cousin, Gabe! Gabriel Kent was born May 30th, weighing 5lbs, 9oz! He is soooo tiny! Oliver was that small, oh, maybe in my 7th month of pregnancy? :) Oli really likes him already, although I think he just wants to play with him like a doll. Oli likes to watch Ian mow...
Never waste money on baby toys. I picked up this mop at the store the other day. The entire time in the store, Oliver was holding on to it. When he and I left the cart to grab something, he starting bawling because I made him let go. As soon as we got back to the cart, he grabbed it again and was fine. He has been playing with it pretty much non-stop since we got home. Hilarious.
But he eventually found a new toy...this bright blue bouncy ball! He was in the cart at Target, and figured out how to stand up, turn around, and lean over the seat to try to grab it. All while still buckled in, and in about 5 seconds. He loves picking it up and throwing it.
We went to the Jester Park Natural Playscape the other day. It's pretty cool there! They have a nice little wading area, I wish that I had brought Oli's swim trunks. I think we are planning on having Oliver's birthday party there. The party will be August 22, by the way, if you want to mark your calendars!

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